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//contemporary art/installation/ PLEXUS by GABRIEL DAWE

Gabriel is a young conceptual artist of Mexican origin who currently lives in Dallas – USA – where he is achieving his MFA in Arts and Technology at the University of Texas.

His South American roots give a great influence to his works, colours are bright and vivid, as in the Plexus project, a series of installations that we can define optical, made with threads, nails and wood in a triumph of joy for the eyes.

The sewing thread, the main material composing Plexus, is to create garments to protect the body from the weather. Similarly, the architecture responds to that function.

Through a Cool operation, Gabriel takes the characteristic of the garment and creates an architecture, a structure that does not repair from the material needs but it makes something not_real that identifies and defines the intangible needs: essential to the survival of humanity.

The visual effect created by Plexus perceptually interacts with the visitor and the play of vertical lines and embroidery becomes a sensory experience.
And even if the structure is static, it is full of movement, because as soon as the eye moves, it perceives fluctuations that allude to vitality.

Gabriel Dawe
mixed media and installation artist
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Conduit Gallery
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